Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Press N' Seal Fun!

I think the funnest activities for my boys are the most simple to do. For example, we have a ton of fun with Glad Press N' Seal. Yes, the same Press N' Seal I use for my left overs!

Both boys working side by side

For this particular day's activity, I used some pretty simple supplies:
  • Glad Press N' Seal
  • Blue Painter's Tape
  • Feathers
  • Foam Sticks (cut up into pieces)
  • Pom Poms
  • Ripped or cut paper pieces
I simply taped the Press N' Seal, with the sticky side up, to my sliding glass doors with trusty old blue painters tape. I armed both boys with bowls of feathers, foam pieces, odd shapes of scrap paper (in this case, junk mail) and pom poms. That's it. I allowed both boys to delve in and take it any direction they wanted to. When I say that, I mean I plopped on the floor in between them with my cup of tea and just made sure no one ate the supplies or hit each other.

This activity is really about letting them be independent and use their creativity. The bonus is, it required very little on my part so I used the time to decompress while enjoying my time with them. It's pretty low-stress and there are no time limits or constraints! 

Since both of my boys are so different from each other, I find it interesting to observe how each one tackles this task.

Wes and his creation

Wes, my 2 1/2 year old just goes for the gold. He usually starts by grabbing a handful of stuff, smashes it to the Press N' Seal and laughs. He tends to remove everything and do it all over again. Each time he takes the pieces off, he becomes a little more calculated on what he puts on and where he puts it. It's comical to observe his creative process blossom!

Brady and his "only foam squares" masterpiece

Brady, on the other hand, is a little more reserved than Wes. Brady usually starts out this activity by cautiously touching the Press N' Seal, assessing the supplies he has available, then sorts the items. Yes, my little anal retentive five year old. He gets it from his momma (which makes me laugh because he is a lot like me - more than I want to admit). Brady usually requires more verbal prompting and encouragement with this type of activity. BECAUSE it is such an abstract, open ended activity, Brady usually is a little more hesitant to participate. But, it's okay, because with a little encouragement, he normally will try! I think the thing Brady enjoys the most is the feeling and sound that Press N' Seal makes when his hand sticks to it. Hey, I'll take it.

Like I said, some of the most enjoyable activities aren't busy, extravagant or expensive. I love activities that allow me to just sit back, observe and enjoy my children and their individuality. It's in these moments that I can see how precious they are in their own ways.

Hope you enjoy this super simple idea!

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