Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30-day Squat Challenge

What I find the most challenging thing since becoming a mom is trying to fit in fitness. Seriously, I’ve tried incorporating the 30-day Shred, a 20-minute work out, and I cannot seem to find the time. So, I’ve decided to take baby steps to get my ass in gear.

So, while perusing (i.e. spending countless hours on Pinterest when I COULD have been working out) I came across a 30-day Squat Challenge. I thought, “What the heck?! Might as well squat it out”.

What I like about this challenge is:
  1. -       It’s only squats and I can pop a squat anywhere
  2. -       It’s only 30 days
  3. -       It’s spelled out for me and I do better with things that are a no brainer for me
  4. -       I like check lists and I just cross off the days as I do ‘em

I’m on day 6 and so far, so good. I split the squats into two sets so far. Not sure if that’s what I’m supposed to do, but that’s what I’m doing! I’ve also incorporated standing calve raises with this challenge. I do as many calve raises as squats to try and make it a little bit more challenging. I may have the ol’ muffin top, but in 30-days my legs should look bangin’!

If you are interested, this is the challenge:
Day 1-50 squats
Day 2-55 squats
Day 3-60 squats
Day 4-Rest
Day 5-70 squats
Day 6-75 squats
Day 7-80 squats
Day 8-Rest
Day 9-100 squats
Day 10-105 squats
Day 11-110 squats
Day 12-Rest
Day 13-130 squats
Day 14-135 squats
Day 15- 140 squats
Day 16-Rest
Day 17-150 squats
Day 18- 155 squats
Day 19- 160 squats
Day 20-Rest
Day 21- 180 squats
Day 22- 185 squats
Day 23- 190 squats
Day 24-Rest
Day 25- 220 squats
Day 26- 225 squats
Day 27- 230 squats
Day 28-Rest
Day 29- 240 squats
Day 30- 250 squats

1 comment:

  1. I split the squats in two sets as well :). I must admit it is harder as it looks!


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