Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Fave Five - September

WAHHHH! Summer is almost over! I'm holding onto summer with every thread of my being! Well, that's a tad bit dramatic. But, summer is not OFFICIALLY over until my birthday on the 21st. I mean, officially the Autumnal Equinox begins on September 22, so I'm keeping it all about summer until then! No, really. The whole Autumnal Equinox thing - that is a fact. I didn't make that up...although I probably would have if it weren't true.

With all that gibberish five favorite products are all summer related!

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
This Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil from The Body Shop is just awesome! It adds a little bit of shimmery bronze to my legs, which they definitely need since I didn't get a summer tan this year! Slather a little on your collar bone and shoulders for a nice highlight while sporting your maxi dresses!

I absolutely love the light scent. It reminds me of something from my youth, but I can't quite place it. And, for being an oil, it doesn't leave a oily feel, which is nice when you are melting away in the summer heat!
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Dragonfruit Lip Butter
The Body Shop has this lip butter at the registers. It is super silky and not sticky, stinky or weird tasting. It is not tinted, but it gives your lips a little lighter shade of its natural color when you wear it.

I should admit that I am a marketing company's dream because I am a sucker for impulse buys like this. The thing that sold me is that you receive chips that you use to select which of three organizations you want to receive 100% of the profits from the sale of the lip butter. The organizations to chose from are WeStopHate, Big Cat Rescue and Sprout Up. I chose WeStopHate, which is an organization that created a movement to help stop bullying and empower youngins to believe and love themselves. To me, it was an easy sell!
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Salux Exfoliating 
I have been buying this skin cloth for a long time but it comes in especially handy in the summer. With all the shaving, self-tannin' and sweatin' that occurs in the hot summer months, I find that this little skin cloth helps a lot! It is just rough enough to give you a good scrub, but not too rough where you feel assaulted! It's also long and thin enough to use on your back without an extra person, handle or wand. Just add your body wash, get a good lather going and that's that! Easy peasy!

Essie Sunday Funday
This color has quickly become my favorite summer shade. It's a coral type pink, with the tiniest amount of shimmer. And, if you have olive skin tone like I do, it makes you look tanner than you are! 'Nuff said.

Good Hair Days Magic Grip Hairpins
Since I cannot bring myself to cut my hair, I've been wearing it up all summer to avoid from melting in the summer heat. And, because I have super fine hair, it doesn't easily stay up with just a rubber band or without using a gazillion bobby pins. But, alas, I found these Magic-Grip Hairpins and they are seriously all sorts of awesome. I normally only need about two of them and they hold my hair in place and don't give me ouchie head and headaches. If you have a Sally's Beauty Supply, you can normally find a good selection there.
Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of our summertime! And, since September is my birth and favorite month all year...I'm going to give away all of my SEPTEMBER FAVE FIVE products to one lucky winner! The winner will get (1) Honey Bronze Dry Oil, (1) Dragonfruit Lip Butter, (1) Salux Exfoliating Cloth, (1) Essie Sunday Funday Polish, and (1) Package of Good Hair Days hair clips! Just enter below! It's that easy! 


The Body Shop Dragonfruit Lip Butter

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Oil

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