Friday, April 12, 2013


I have to admit...I love me some makeup. It's kind of embarrassing how much makeup this girl owns, since I normally look the same day in, day out. Makeup and nail polish are those things that I seem to always pick up when I'm out and about. Eye shadow here. Nail polish there. Lip stick to try. Mascara to have as a spare. And, don't even get me started on chapstick - tinted or otherwise.

And, since having kids, I've discovered drug stores dupes and gems. While I used to be a name brand whore (um, *cough* a MAC diva), I have learned that there are some super things out there that are just as good! 

One must-have product that I have used is Smashbox's Photo Finish. I have used it for a really long time. But, at $42 a bottle, it was on the chopping blocks after kids. So, slowly, I tried using less and less, make justification for the expense, but really, it was just not a necessity. One day, while perusing Pinterest, I saw someone wrote a blog post on a dupe for this swell serum. I was on it like white on rice. Take a deep breath because you'll never guess what the dupe is.

Yes, the makers of MONISTAT INTIMATE CARE makes the Smashbox Photo Finish dupe! 

I have to admit, I was kind of dying reading it at first. I mean, it is made by the same people who make princess part care products. We all know that "intimate care" is code for your thang needs some help. But, according to the review, Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel was like one ingredient off from Smashbox's product. So, at $6, I really had nothing to lose by trying it. Plus, if I needed some chafing relief, I can save it for that FUN day!

So, off to trusty ol' Target I went. I put it in my cart with all of my other impulse buys, I mean, necessities. I made sure to say, "I hope this is the right product that my sister needed" when they scanned the Monistat. I mean, I knew what I was using it for, but I think I caught a slide-glance at my thighs when it went on the conveyor belt. Maybe it was the king sized Snickers, but I THINK that they were looking because of the Monistat. 

And, the verdict? It's pretty damn close to Smashbox's product. It is a little bit thicker and creamier than Photo Finish. It has a very different texture as well. But, as far as effectiveness? It's really right on par with Photo Finish. I still occasionally use Smashbox for evenings out, as rare as those are. But, on an every day basis, I mainly use the "Stat". I put it on after my moisturizer has soaked into my skin, but before my foundation. And, you know what? It's pretty damn good! 

So, give it a try! I saved myself about $36! SCORE!

What's your favorite drug store find?

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