Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Printables To Share

So, it's Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Week.


I thought I'd share with you some awesome free printables with you!

While I am usually pretty into giving unique and elaborate teacher's gifts, I am not all on board for EXPENSIVE ones. And, since I brain farted on WHEN Teacher Appreciation Day was (which is this week, yikes!), I am sca-ramblin' for gifts. Plus, I have to buy FIVE, yes FIVE gifts for Brady's teachers and instructional aides. Good lordy, people. FIVE. So, because I am far too lazy this week for thirteen visits to Michaels for supplies and the perfect ribbon, I printed these suckers off and attached a gift card. I have discovered that www.chickabug.com is pretty much all shades of awesome. Give them a visit!

And, yes, Mother's Day...Are you tired of the same shleppy gift from your baby daddy? Me, too (well, he can still buy me the traditional See's Candy box). So, when I saw THIS printable, I knew that I had to print one out. And, the check boxes for "sex" or "no sex"? Wow...PERFECT. And, are you also asking yourself who asks for "sex" for Mother's Day? I found myself saying, "SHOULD I be asking for it on Mother's Day? Because sex kittens do that kind of stuff, right?" And, since I have retired from THAT career, I'll just ask for sleeping in. That'll do. Thank you very mucho! Anywho, head on over to www.ambrosiagirl.com and see if ya' likey what they got!

So, happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all my hard working teachers out there! 

And, all the mamas! Enjoy your special day! It hardly seems fair that we only get one day out of the year that is all ours. Seriously, should we start a Facebook petition for one day a month? HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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