Friday, August 2, 2013

August Fave Five

Woo-wee! August is upon us, folks! Can you believe it? FOUR months until the END OF THE YEAR! Craziness! For information on where to find these items, see the bottom of the post!

sugarSNAP Files Customizable Diaper Bag Organizer Mesh Pouches

Let me start that I have been on an organizing kick. I'm sort of/kind of past the diaper bag toting days, but I'm still lugging a bunch of things for the boys in my purse. Actually, I have so much kid crap in my bags, that it often times becomes such a cluttered mess and I can't find ANYTHING. It makes me so frustrated to open my purse and see the snacks, receipts, wipes, toy cars and lip glosses in a messy heap. So, when I discovered these little "file" bags, I was on it like white on rice. I decided to spend the EXTRA $2 for the customizable bags and I have quickly organized my bag into a "filing system" where I can easily find anything I'm looking for. 

The best part about these "files" are that you can remove any of the file bags from the ring and toss into another bag or hand to a child (or any hubby, stranger, fabulous friend that you are pawning your spawn off to). The "files" I created are "Technology", "Wallet", "Me+Mine", "Big Kid Stuff", "Snack & Supplies". 

Stella & Dot How Does She Do It Bag
When I got the sugarSNAP files, I realized that they were a tad bit too big for my current mom bag. So, OF COURSE, I bought another bag. Probably didn't need to, but I DID and I love it! I got the Stella & Dot How Does She Do It Bag from my gal pal Frances and I'm loving the Navy Stripes. It's really summery and nautical (complete with a cute anchor charm), with a bright orange lining. What I love the most is it is a glazed, but not shiny canvas. This is the biggest perk to a mommy of two boys. Another really lovely feature is that it has an internal water bottle pocket and a pocket on the outside perfect for your phone. My sugarSNAP files fit PERFECT inside. I added the cross body strap and now I'm ready to be SUPER MOM!

Nike Air Miler
Late July we went to Disneyland for a few days and I knew I had to bring a good pair of walking shoes. In the last month I've noticed that my go-to walking shoes were becoming increasingly uncomfy. So, off into researching mode I went. When I read the reviews for these shoes, one thing that was consistent was that they were ultra comfortable and light - just what I was looking for. Not only were these shoes super easy on my feet, they didn't require any breaking in. They were just so comfortable right out of the box. So, if you are in the market for some new walking shoes, check them out. 

Shea Moisture Red Bush & Babassu Baby Lotion
For the most part, we use the whipped body butter that I make (click here for a tutorial). But, the only problem with that body butter is that it melts pretty easily. This makes it hard to take on the go or stash in the car. And, since I pretty much forget to put lotion on my kids each school morning, I find myself doing it before we get out of our car before school. So, I purchased this bottle to bring with me. It smells heavenly. So heavenly, I've been using it myself! What I like most about this lotion is that it's free of a lot of yuck stuff like parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and colors. I just recently went back and purchased a different fragrance that I plan on making my own sunscreen with (tutorial coming soon!!!)

Bristle Blocks
On our last trip to Lakeshore, my younger son, Weston BEGGED for these Bristle Blocks. I was a little hesitant to buy them since a lot of the building block type toys require you buy MORE and MORE blocks and often don't work with other sets. Well, I'm afraid to say this, but this is TRUE for this toy also. BUT Wes has found so much enjoyment from them. And, me being ME, I have tried to use them in many different ways other than building to justify adding ANOTHER toy collection to our mess. And, you know what? Besides building with them, you can also use them for painting by using them to make stamped impressions, drag them to make lines or using the wheels as rollers. AND, AND, AND if you are crazy for playdoh...use them to make impressions there, too! So, because they are pretty versatile and keep my young one busy, they are a HIT in my book!

Happy AUGUST my friends! 


Stella & Dot How She Does It Bag

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