Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Most Amazing Body Butter

I used to never make anything from scratch. But, since becoming a mom, I don't know what changed in me. Maybe when I gave birth, some genetic mutation occurred that made me get excited about things like making my own body lotion.

I have some seriously dry skin. Like, so dry it almost looks like I have scales on my legs in the winter. I even resorted to laser hair removal on my legs so I didn't have to shave because it made my legs THAT MUCH MORE dry and itchy. I about tried every lotion out there and there was not one that relieved the curse of dry skin. 

Then someone recommended raw shea butter. And, YES, it DOES work but I didn't like the smell. AT ALL. So, as any of us probably would do, I hopped on Pinterest and found a recipe for whipped body butter. 

This body butter is divine. I'll be honest, at first it's like putting Crisco on your skin. It goes on pretty oily. But, your skin just drinks it up! Plus, it moisturizes your skin for a really long time!

The other great thing I've found is that it has cleared up my son, Weston's eczema. Weston had really bad "chicken skin" on his torso and back. He's in a highly chlorinated pool for swim lessons at least twice a week, which makes it a lot worse. At one point, even the bottom of his foot cracked so deep we couldn't put socks on him. We tried a lot of different things but since it didn't seem to bother him too much, we didn't use anything medicated (other than Neosporin on his foot when it cracked). So, I started lathering him up with my body butter and in about a week, the eczema was COMPLETELY gone! GONE!

I even gave a small sample to my friend for her daughter who had such a bad rash under her chin due to  baby drool. She told me that it cleared it up in a matter of a couple of days. AMAZE BALLS.

So, me being me, I wanted to share with you my favorite whipped body lotion recipe. It's fairly simple to make, contains all natural ingredients (if you use essential oils only) and is by far my most favorite lotion ever!

To make the lotion you will need:
Raw Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil (Or any other oil like olive, jojoba, grape seed, etc.)
Essential Oils or Fragranced Scent Oil

Here's how I do it...

I take 1 cup of the raw shea butter and 1/2 cup of coconut oil and melt it in a double boiler. I have a bowl that is dedicated to my DIY beauty/craft stuff.

When the shea butter and coconut oil have melted, I mix in 1/2 cup of Sweet Almond Oil. At this point, I'm not going to lie, you're going to have a bowl which looks like a bunch of urine. When it looks like this, you KNOW you are on your way to having something awesome! I am just kidding, of course!

After the shea butter, coconut and almond oils are combined, put the entire bowl in the fridge until it has solidified. When it is solid, it will be quite opaque and hard.

I like to make two, some times three small batches of differing scents. This day, I made lavender-lemon-orange (with essential oils), Juniper Breeze (a Bath & Body Works dupe fragrance from Peak Candle Supply) and Pink Sugar (fragrance from Peak Candle Supply). I really like the Pink Sugar for the boys. It's not baby powder scented like everything else I've found made for kids. 

I like to cut the solidified lotion into three pieces and place in separate bowls to add fragrance to separately.

If you are using essential oils, especially orange or lemon, be prepared to put a lot in. Like 30 drops or more. With the fragrance oils from Peak Candle Supply (or similar), add it sparingly, starting with a tiny amount and adding more to achieve the strength of fragrance you would like. Artificial fragrance are very potent, so don't overdo it!

Once you have added your fragrance, beat with a hand mixer, until it reaches a light, airy whipped consistency. It will look like whipped butter. I store mine in round plastic containers that I purchased through Amazon. 

Make sure you don't store this in an area that is warm. Because this lotion recipe contains coconut oil, it has a low threshold for heat. Seriously, it will turn to liquid at about 80 degrees. If you are in a warmer climate, I'd even suggest keeping it in the fridge. Definitely don't store in your car's glove compartment! I've made THAT mistake for us all to learn from!

I have been making and using this whipped body butter for about a year and a half now. I love it. I've converted many of my friends over to this recipe. It's THAT good. And, I've found almost by accident that it's GREAT for eczema! 

And, one extra the summer it gives you that summer glow like you've just slathered on some decadent body oil! I love it on my legs and shoulders for that exact reason!

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