Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fave Five of the Month - June

When did May happen? Gosh darn it, time really flew by last month. Before I knew it, it was the first of June! HELLO! My husband will be glad he won't be getting texts with this in them...

Love me some Timberlake...

I thought I'd share my five favorite things of the moment, just like May! Just little things that make me a happy girl (If you click on the text of the photo's caption, it'll take you to Amazon).

Gelous Nail Base Coat
I'm in love with this base coat. I used to NEVER paint my nails with colored polish because it just didn't last past a day without a chip. Now I can paint my nails and most times it lasts without a chip for 5-7 days. The way I use it is I apply a thin coat on clean, dry nails and let it dry. Then I paint a coat of colored polish and let it dry. Then, again, I paint a coat of Gelous base coat and repeat with another coat of colored polish. Last I seal with a glossy top coat (I like Essie). It's hard for me to paint my nails with the boys around and I NEVER have enough time to do it all at once. So, I kind of do it throughout the day, which is why I let each coat dry. I don't know if THAT'S why my polish lasts so long, but it does! If I see a chip starting to develop, I slap a seal of Gelous on the ends of my nails and it prolongs the polish! I'm not gentle on my hands and I'm amazed this stuff works. About $5 to boot! I found my bottle at my local Sally's Beauty Supply.

American Classic Gelous Nail Gel Base Coat Nail Polish

Sofia Champagne - Francis Coppola
I picked up a bottle of this champagne a few years ago and really took a liking to it. But, what's made me love it more is that I found it in a four-pack of cans with straws! WHAT!?! So, extremely cute and portable (and discreet, haha!). How can you NOT love this!?! It's a perfect little addition to a girls night out, a bridal shower or a night at the fire pit! I try to keep a couple cans in the fridge for good days (ANY good day!). With summer here, I will find any reason to crack open a can of bubbly! "We made it through the day? Where's the champagne!?" I find it at Target and it's about $11! BAR-GAIN! SCHWING!

Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs 4-Pack

Le Mystere Lolita Convertible Bra
Summer is finally here and for me that means the torture of putting my lady lumps in a strapless bra. Man, why is it that strapless bras don't do anything they are supposed to? I spend most of my time hiking my bra up! I know! CLASSY! I've been eyeing the Le Mystere Lolita Convertible Bra for a while. But, at $78, I was not rushing to Nordstroms to buy it. I keep seeing it pop up on Zulily for about $30, so I took the plunge. I was pretty hesitant because you can't return to Zulily, but I heeded the advice of many reviewers and ordered a cup size larger and band size smaller. It is a little tight, but maybe that's the last few days of Sonic and milk shakes. 

What I WILL tell you is that this thing perks those suckers up (which is impressive in itself) and does not budge. I'm not tugging up on my dress and it probably is worth $78 but heck, wait until you see it on Zulily and snap one up for yourself! My regular bras are mostly all le Mystere, so I really love the brand, but I've NEVER paid full price for one. You can often find them on sale on Zulily, Amazon and Nordstroms.

Le Mystere Women's Lolita Strapless Bra #7759

Redken Rewind
My hairstylist is one fantastic gal! She's really helped me understand my hair! She's the one that introduced me to Redken Rewind. One thing I've ALWAYS had a problem with is fly away hairs. That paired with the fact that I have two cowlicks at the nape of my neck, my hair has driven me bonkers whenever I've tried to do anything fun like chignons. I used to try and hairspray and gel everything into place and I ended up with super shiny, super rock hard helmet hair. 

I use a tiny, tiny bit of Rewind on my hair most days to smooth out my fly aways. When I put my hair up, I use it on the unruly hairs that don't want to cooperate, like those pesky nape cowlicks. It doesn't make my hair flat or hard. It's consistency is between a gel and pomade. Use it sparingly, like a half a pea size and use more if needed. The jar is huge, so even though it about $20, it lasts a gazillion years! 

Redken Rewind Pliable Styling Paste, 5-Ounces Bottle

Silicone Ice Cream Cones
I bought these for a sensory play activity I wanted to do over the summer months (more on that this week!). But, I've used these cones in so many ways. I use them to do sorting and a memory game we've created. We also use it for pretend play and just for being silly. These cones have even made their way into bath time, too! The set I purchased was about $12 and it came with cupcake mix and a ton of sprinkles. I used the cake and frosting mix in one of our faux ice cream sensory activities and the sprinkles have been used in several different activities, including over applesauce at lunch (by Wes' request). 

Brand Castle Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Kit, 6-Count

What are some of YOUR faves this month?

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