Monday, July 1, 2013

Fave Five for July!

Holy Moly! How did July get here so fast?! We are in full summer mode around these parts! We have been spending a lot of time playing outside with the water table, ice chalk, spray bottles and just swimming in the pool! It's my favorite time of the year! So, most of the favorite things for me right now are things that have made living it la vida loca outside a lot easier! I'll put links for where you can find these items on the bottom of the post!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Bio Ionic Curling Iron
Thank you, again, to my hair stylist Susan for turning me onto a fantastic product! She got me this curling iron and I am in lurve! I have tried several curling wands and while some of them worked on my hard-to-curl hair, it did it at the expense of several burned finger tips! Curling wands are sort of tricky and it's a trick that I cannot seem to master (safely)! But, low and behold, Susan turned me on to this curling iron that you can wind and rotate to get all of your hair curled! There is sort of a learning curve but once you have it down, it is extremely easy to use! Some of the great things about about this iron is that it has a digital display, heats up super fast, has a swivel cord so it doesn't get tangled and has a plastic end cap to protect your finger tips! And, even though it has a curling clip, it does not leave an indent in your hair! I have super long hair but it curls it super fast!

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones
These are fantastic headphones for my little kiddos. We use them on our long walks for the boys to play/listen to their iPads independently and without disrupting the neighborhood with our obnoxious iPad Apps. The boys also use them in the car to watch videos so my hubby and I can listen to adult music that doesn't involve animated characters with equally annoying voices. The great thing about these headphones is that they are comfy and kid sized so they don't fall off of their tiny heads every 2 minutes. The other great feature is that the headphones come with an independent volume limit cable which can limit the volume to approximately 80% of the original maximum volume to make it even quieter for super sensitive ears. We also bought the carrying cases and they are easy to take with us on the go! They come in super fun colors, but because I like things to be pretty boring, I bought grey ;0)

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker
With summer here, we are spending a great deal of our day outdoors! And, this mobile speaker set from Bose is coming in super handy this summer! It is super small, but it produces wonderful, crisp sound and best thing is that it has a rechargeable battery so you can use it without needing a power source to plug into! We have even taken it with us to the park! I can easily use my iPhone with it as well! 

E.L.F. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip 
With the warmer weather, I rarely wear foundation or powder because it feels as if I just sweat it all off!  But, I sort of feel naked without a tiny bit of makeup on. I picked this up at Walmart a few weeks ago and it gives you just a tiny bit of "glow on the go" and for $1, you can't lose. I use it as a highlighter above my cheekbones, under my eyebrows and a tiny bit on my forehead. I even put it down my shins last date night to give my legs a little bit more of a summer glow!

Hobie Neon Stripe Adjustable Hipster Cheeky Bikini Bottom and T-Back Band Bikini Top by Aeropostale
This bikini is seriously cute! And, the best thing is that it is super cheap! I love the T-back bikini top that ties in the front. I hate tops that tie around the neck because for some reason it hurts my neck and a lot of the time pulls out my hair! Ouch! The bottoms tie on the sides so you can make it fit better by tying it tighter or loosening it up when needed to avoid that ol' muffin top! The cheeky rouching on the back make them even more flattering, too! They have this style in a few other prints as well but these bright stripes really feel like SUMMER to me!

What are some of your favorite things this summer???

Here are the links to the products above...

Aeropostale Bikini Bottoms and Bikini Top

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